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Idea for 'Faith Bots' for all major faiths. Introducing the Robo-Rabi, the Muslim-Mullah and the Buddhist-Lama.

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Below is an Idea for secure connections between Priests and up the chain of command to Vatican. Using dial up phone lines and bypassing the internet.

Totally incompatible data with any other device. Could use own operating system based on open source applications so that software will not work

on any other device, like trying to get a PS2 disk to work in an Xbox 360.

pocket priests


Welcome to www.pocketpriests.com

This page is the concept and design brief for a potential product range called ' Pocket Priests '.

I was day dreaming and thought of a faith A.I. Alexa that could complement your faith,

first go at a name was ' Faith Bot ' but soon changed to ' Pocket Priests '.

Pocket Priests are a potential range of stand alone private digital devices with no connectivity except by Priests key cable.

A Faith A.I. with speech recognition on board only, no internet or wi-fi and can record confessions,

giving valid penance from on board database.


FB page : www.facebook.com/pocketpriests email eddy@hex7art.com

Below is first draft of the concept called 'Faith Bot'.

faith bot to pocket priest

Below is the evolution of the brand 'Pocket Priests'

pocket priests

Luxo Professor model of 'Pocket Priests'.

pocket priests

Pocket Priests in action.

Pocket Priest in action

First draft for hard wired terminal to terminal pocket Priests computer network.

pocket priests network diagram

The above concept evolved from my work on www.christian-banter.com

Chain of command is only as good as the weakest link.

pocket priests

pocket priests

After previous analysis of Holy trinity thought I would have a go at the monster. In summary " Bottom up evil and top down good ".

I'm thinking it's like a ponzi scheme where only those at the top benefit long term.

pocket priests

pocket priests

Members of the flock's Pocket Priests data assistants can input / output only by a Priest's key cable when they meet up,

or follower goes to a church and uploads. Priest's units have on board dial up modem direct to Vatican etc. bypassing the internet by using the

voice channel to transmit and receive information, ensuring privacy. A massive database of the flock's issues and the churches answers

are catalogued and cross referenced to build an artificial faith intelligence so that eventually the Pocket Priests are fully automated autonomous units.

Master plan for pocket-priests.com (first draft).

pocket priests.com

Logo development for www.pocket-priests.com

pocket priest logo

pocket priest logo


FB page : www.facebook.com/pocketpriests email eddy@hex7art.com



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